Corporate Solutions

Allow your business to thrive with Diners Club’s integrated payments solution. Combine the Diners Club corporate card with our intuitive, web-based spend management system to take control of your business expenses.Move your company forward. Diners Club provides a comprehensive suite of payments solutions designed to support business travelers, minimize costs and streamline your payment processes.

  • Separate business from personal expenses

  • Streamline your expense management process

  • Gain insights into your business spending

Corporate Card

The Diners Club Corporate card is the businessperson’s card of choice for travel or day-to-day expenses. It has the flexibility to change as you do, supporting your growth while providing access to benefits.

  • Access lounges and Privileges offers

  • Receive emergency cash and card replacement

  • Capture spend data automatically with Diners Club’s spend management tool

  • Earn rewards from everyday company expenses to reinvest for future growth

Travel Account

Simplify the way your business travels. TravelPoint is a corporate travel account that allows any company to consolidate their travel expenses into a centralized, cardless billing program.

  • Centralize billing and reporting

  • Enforce travel and expense policy compliance and reduce administrative costs

  • Improve cash flow through flexible billing cycles

  • Reduce fraud

  • Receive instant rebate on fully refundable tickets

Global Vision

View your global spending through a more powerful lens. Global Vision is a sophisticated, online spend management tool that lets corporations easily analyze expenses and find opportunities for improvement on a worldwide scale.

  • Access up to 36 months of automatically captured data securely online

  • Customize reports with more than 50 report templates and 500 data items

  • Send Delinquency Reminders to individuals with accounts past due

  • View data on active, inactive, new and closed accounts

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